Jerry Springer Reads His Will Revealing Two Secret Love Children?
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Jerry Springer Reads His Will Revealing Two Secret Love Children?

Who is Jerry Springer? What was in his Will? In this article, we'll explain a video left behind by Jerry Springer outlining his Will! Keep reading to find out!

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Or Does He??

When Jerry Springer died in April of 2023 he left behind a YouTube video revealing that he was the secret father of two biracial children. And not only that, he was leaving them his entire fortune! As soon as the video was released, the internet went wild. The legendary trash talk show host was giving the people The Tea one last time. Newspapers reported the news and it spread like wildfire on Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.

But there’s just one problem with this shocking news:  It happens to be untrue! That’s right, the results are in and Jerry Springer is NOT the father! 

I hate to disappoint people who fell for this hoax, but it seems that Springer had one last trick up his sleeve. Let’s delve into the video of Jerry Springer reading his Last Will and Testament.

A Video of Springer Reading His Will

The rumor about Springer’s secret children started to spread on TikTok. "That time Jerry Springer was my dad, died, and left me and my sister EVERYTHING," claimed someone in a TikTok posted on May 14, 2023. "I can't believe I'll always have this. I feel privileged and blessed! The TikTok video immediately racked up 2.5 million views and was reposted to Facebook and Twitter.

The TikToker pointed to a YouTube video where Springer says he has two known daughters, but now he wanted to acknowledge his secret kids as well. Four people are on what appears to be a Zoom call. There are two white women who are purportedly Springer’s daughters. There are two other adults on the call, a woman and man. In the video, Jerry says “It is truly the least I can do, as I and this country have failed you, and hopefully one day America will do what's right as well.” The two newly-acknowledged kids, John and Misha, are amazed and grateful, while one of the known daughters is outraged. “What a prick!” she yells. A guy who looks like a lawyer watches from his law office.

So if Jerry Springer is saying these are his children, in his own words, how can it be a hoax? Well, here’s the backstory. Remember that time during the COVID-19 pandemic when everyone was making YouTube and Zoom videos to attempt to entertain us while we all stayed home? That’s what Springer was doing. The clip is actually from a play called “Blood Money.” The play was part of a Tulane University festival called, “REFRAMED 2020: A Festival of New Plays on Social Justice.” The school said the featured plays “aim to stretch the boundaries of digital performance by combining the magic of live theater with the technological possibilities of the online forum.”

In that spirit, the play describes itself like this: 

“Jordan and Meagan have signed on to a Zoom meeting with attorney Bradford Young, to hear their father's last will and testament... in the middle of a pandemic. Feelings erupt, ugly pasts get brought to surface, and these two sisters get much more than they bargained for with their inheritance.

Cast: CJ Briggs, Douglas Corcoran, Genevieve Corkery, Talon Dearborne, Grace Engels.

*Featuring a very special cameo appearance from Tulane alum JERRY SPRINGER*”

Springer really was an alumnus of Tulane University, graduating in 1965, where he received a degree in political science. Springer also got a law degree and became the mayor of Cincinnati. But he is best known for his talk show, which featured every kind of tacky fight you can imagine.

Who Was Jerry Springer?

Jerry Springer was an American television presenter, actor, and politician. Springer was born on February 13, 1944, in London, England, during World War II. Springer’s parents were German-Jewish refugees. His mother gave birth to him in the London Underground Station, Highgate, which was being used as a bomb shelter and refugee camp. Many of Springer’s relatives perished in the Holocaust. Springer emigrated to the United States with his parents when he was four years old. He grew up in Queens and became fascinated by John F. Kennedy. 

After Springer got his two degrees, he worked for Robert F. Kennedy in 1968. After RFK’s tragic assassination, Springer moved to Cincinnati to become a lawyer. Soon he got involved in local politics, serving on city council from 1971 to 1974. 

Springer’s First Brush With Scandal

While Springer was on city council, he paid a prostitute with a personal check. This turned into a scandal and he resigned. However, Springer was far from down and out. He was reelected in a landslide. His showman persona was already evident; Springer got attention by taking over a bus and sleeping in the jail for a night. He was reelected in 1977. That same year, the city council members chose Springer to serve as mayor. Springer then ran for governor of Ohio. He tried to get ahead of his own scandal by running commercials saying that he did indeed pay a prostitute with a check, which proved that he was willing to tell the truth “even if it hurt.” Voters were less amused and Springer finished third in the Democratic primary. 

After leaving politics, Springer turned to broadcasting on the local news on WLWT. He soon developed a catchphrase, “Take care of yourself, and each other,” that would follow him the rest of his life. 

The Jerry Springer Show

In 1991 Springer got a TV show that focused on politics. However, discussions of gun violence and homelessness didn’t score in the ratings. Springer revamped his show to focus on sensationalized stories. It got a huge following. The Springer show became famous for showing people getting in heated arguments, physical fights, and revealing damaging personal secrets. The show was especially beloved by young people and college students.

Springer was aware of his reputation for trash TV. His Twitter bio read: 'Talk show host, ringmaster of civilization's end.” Although people blamed him for promoting sensationalized crap, he countered that people volunteered to share their secrets. He also argued his show was a mirror to what was actually happening in America.  When asked if he was the grandad of reality TV, Springer joked:  “No, I just apologize. I’m so sorry. What have I done? I’ve ruined the culture.” He went on to laugh and say “I just hope hell isn’t that hot because I burn real easy. I’m very light-complected, and that kind of worries me.” He attributed his success to luck.

Spring’s show ended in 2018. He appeared on Dancing With the Stars, where he finished fifth, and in 2022 appeared on The Masked Singer, where he wore the beetle costume. It was his last public TV appearance.

Jerry Springer’s Actual Will and Net Worth

Springer’s net worth is estimated to be between $40 and $60 million. Springer and his ex-wife have a daughter, Katie, who is reportedly a teacher for special needs students in Ohio. Springer never remarried and only has one known child. Just to underline that the original claim was a hoax, the person who posted to TikTok said he was one of the actors in the Tulane play. I guess that means we don't need Maury Povich to preside over a paternity reveal after all.

"Blood Money" - Written and Directed by Lori Elizabeth Parquet

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