Easy and Affordable Estate Planning

Our mission is to make Estate Planning simple, affordable, and accessible to everyone! Our easy-to-use system allows our users to build a full Will-based estate plans in as little as 20 minutes, all from the comfort of their home.


Our Story

Fastwill was created to solve a problem that millions of Americans face each year. The inability to access quality estate planning without a trip to an expensive law firm.

During COVID19, the world found itself moving closer towards a digital world. This gave the average person a different perspective meeting with professionals like financial advisors, medical professionals, and attorneys.

Coming from both the legal and financial side of traditional estate planning, our founders quickly realized that the future of estate planning was in the digital space.

FastWill is made to provide simple and affordable estate planning to everyone! Our system allows our users to build a full estate plan in minutes, all from the comfort of their home.

State-Specific Standards

Just like we’ve made sure our plans are simple and affordable, we’ve made sure our documents are held to the legal standards of your state. Whichever state you may be located, our documents have been designed to fit your states guidelines.

in New York City

We pride ourselves on our local team. Based in Manhattan, our founders come from successful careers in finance, law, and software engineering giving us the three pillars needed to create a service that makes estate planning more efficient than ever before.

Meet Our Founders

Zach Tsakiris

Born in Dallas and based in Manhattan, Zach Tsakiris rose to become one of Manhattan's top financial advisors in the estate planning niche. As our modern world has become increasingly more remote, Zach envisions the future of estate planning in the digital space. Zach is on a mission to make FastWill the industry leader in online estate planning.

Seth Schlessel
Head of Legal

Long Island native and former head of one of New York’s top estate planning law firms Schlessel Law. Seth’s years of estate planning experience serve as a foundation for the standards of our company. Seth oversees all of our legal matters, ensuring our documents are held to the highest state-specific standards and leading our nationwide network of attorneys providing support to our users.

Michal Tajchert
Director of Engineering

Born in Poland, Michal has over 14 years of experience as a software engineer. With a specialty in data security, Michal has become an expert on building out full web systems requiring bank-level security standards. Michal has built platforms for financial services firms, hospital chains, and even private jet companies.

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